Saturday, November 12, 2011

2 weeks till Due Date!!!

Its almost here!!!! We are so excited!! Matt and I can't decide whether is a boy or a girl and names are a whole different story. Its so fun to try and picture our lives in a few weeks and how they are going to change, but really... we have no idea.

Our latest adventure before Baby Ward arrives was a maternity photo shoot at 34 weeks pregnant. We had a blast doing the photos and loved working with Jessica Lake Photography. Here's some of the photos and can't wait to do the newborn shoot!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby Ward's First Apperance - 4D

Being pregnant is one of the most amazing and interesting experiences. I feel like there is an alien inside me sometimes. Elbows and feet pushing all over my tummy.... but yet its the coolest thing ever. So two weeks ago, Matt and I decided to get a sneak peek into my belly and see what we created...with God's assistance of course.
Its a little weird but also breath taking. We hope you enjoy as much as we did....

Kinda of a half smile with the umbilical cord floating in front of it.

Baby is not eating the cord, but floating in between us and baby

This is my favorite picture. Both hands and arms and the cutest face ever!

Look at those little lips! 

Baby's Room is Finished!!!

What a fun and exciting process this has been. Thinking and creating a lovely little room for our baby has been a wonderful challenge. Asking my hubby to be involved, deciding not to find out the gender, and trying to do it all on a budget...lets just say it was an adventure. We decided to go with naturals and a spark of chartreuse color so it could go either boy or girl. Doing most of the work ourselves and relying on Matt's schedule was the biggest obstacle we had to overcome. I wanted it all done in one weekend with all hands on deck but it turned into a Sunday here, a few hours there and so forth. I thought I was going to lose my mind!!
But after all the painting, decisions, and organizing.....  here is the final result.

Remember this...

Now we have a built in closet

Made the chair rail higher than standard for a different look.

New changing table/Dresser. I love it!!!

A rocker will go in front of the corner unit, but its not quite ready yet.

This was a few weeks ago.. but I'm growing!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

July And Parts of August.... Where have they gone?

I can't believe how long its been since my last post. I really thought it was only a few weeks ago, but not so much. That's what happens when your pregnant, it all kinda mushes together.
July was a great month for the Ward Family. We went out of town to the Marriott Villas of Newport Beach with the Ireland Family for a week getaway. We rented a two bedroom suite with them and had the best time. Making pancakes for breakfast, lunchs by the pool, and steaks on the grill for dinner. I just love Reagan and Paige and how cute they are. They are so excited for Matt and I and they can't wait to meet the little one. My favorite line from Paige is "when's the baby gonna pop out??" Shes only 3 and a little confused on timing but they love watching my belly grow.

Matt seems to love the mohawk look for every vacation!

Paige and Reagan Ireland
(I just love those faces!)

Little Paige

Aaron and Sarah Ireland

After Newport, we kicked it into high gear about getting the babies room ready. I know I still have months to come BUT, I'M GOING CRAZY! I need to tackle the project so I won't lose my marbels (or so my husband doesn't divorce me). I love to be organized and have everything in its place so Operation Ward Nursery in full effect. Here's some progress so far and the rest will be completed in a few weeks. I can only do things on Sunday when I have help from Matt or my parents... even though I'm totally crazy, I still need help with things.

What a mess!!! Started with this

Then this...

Built out closets (compliments of Jenelle's Dad)
Perfect storage/organization system for Baby Ward and Mommy too!

Now for an updated picture. This is from the week of July 10th... a little old but here you go!

20 weeks!! Yeah... half way done!

And I almost forgot, our dear friend was promoted at work. I love this picture of Matt and John together.

                                                                Congrats again John!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sarah's Birthday!

      We celebrated my Sissy's birthday a few weeks back and here's just a few photos I captured through the night... check out her blog for more Sarah and Aaron . It was great night of fun in the Fox's backyard with wine, food and dessert... it was a fabulous Sunday night.

                                                       Aaron passing out champagne for a toast!
                                                             Sarah with Jenelle in a toast!

Thinking about the past.....

As I was updating the blog, I came across an old picture of Matt and I. Boy have we changed! And I miss his hair...

1st Year Anniversary (Dating) 2006

Nursery Re-Model Under Way

We are so blessed to have a three bedroom Condo but it leaves lots of room for junk. Now we get to turn the storage/junk room into a nursery. For those who know me, I hate having a junk room. I like it all put away and out of sight. Sadly, I lost the battle on the "soon to be nursery" room for awhile, but I'm taking control of it! First thing is first tho... we needed to fix some issues in the room that didn't matter till now. We are putting in new windows, new ceiling fan, storage in the closet, repairing drywall, removing bathroom glass doors, new toilet, etc... I can't wait to see the final result. Here's a look into our chaos now....

Getting ready for Baby Ward!!

Its been a few months since my last post and I'm already 16 weeks along!! Feeling great and can't wait to meet the little one. Matt and I have a few names picked out but still not sure on the final decisions yet. Time has already passed so fast that it feels like the baby will be here in just a few days. Below are a few belly pictures from the past weeks.... Enjoy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Pregnant!!!!!!! Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!

Its official!!! I'm 4 weeks pregnant. We are so excited. Can't believe how blessed we are that God gave us a little bundle of joy so quickly. He knows that my patience level is not at a all time high...LOL.

More to come later, just so EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                     Baby Ward is on its way!!!!!!!!

Our History!

Well... after many years of not wanting to start a blog.... I caved! Now with our first year of marriage behind us, I guess its time to keep up with the times. So lets start with a background of the Wards and catch everyone up to speed. Dont worry friends, it will be short and sweet.

In the summer months of 2005, I hired Matt to work as a furniture mover while he was visiting for summer vacation. I manage a beautiful furniture store in Los Alamitos, CA called Chartreuse Home Furnishings. His mom was working with me at the time and thought her son could use the extra money for the summer. Well... after working one day together I knew he was meant to be mine. We had a long distance relationship for about a year and when he moved back, we continued dating for four years.

Matt proposed to me in Laguna Beach over my favorite thing ever, room service breakfast!. He totally surprised me!! It was such a beautiful day. Of course, planning began right away and we were married in January 2011.

I think that about sums up the Wards and how we got started. Can't wait to see where our live takes us and thanks for following along

Allison and Matt Ward