Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby's Room is Finished!!!

What a fun and exciting process this has been. Thinking and creating a lovely little room for our baby has been a wonderful challenge. Asking my hubby to be involved, deciding not to find out the gender, and trying to do it all on a budget...lets just say it was an adventure. We decided to go with naturals and a spark of chartreuse color so it could go either boy or girl. Doing most of the work ourselves and relying on Matt's schedule was the biggest obstacle we had to overcome. I wanted it all done in one weekend with all hands on deck but it turned into a Sunday here, a few hours there and so forth. I thought I was going to lose my mind!!
But after all the painting, decisions, and organizing.....  here is the final result.

Remember this...

Now we have a built in closet

Made the chair rail higher than standard for a different look.

New changing table/Dresser. I love it!!!

A rocker will go in front of the corner unit, but its not quite ready yet.

This was a few weeks ago.. but I'm growing!!

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