Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our History!

Well... after many years of not wanting to start a blog.... I caved! Now with our first year of marriage behind us, I guess its time to keep up with the times. So lets start with a background of the Wards and catch everyone up to speed. Dont worry friends, it will be short and sweet.

In the summer months of 2005, I hired Matt to work as a furniture mover while he was visiting for summer vacation. I manage a beautiful furniture store in Los Alamitos, CA called Chartreuse Home Furnishings. His mom was working with me at the time and thought her son could use the extra money for the summer. Well... after working one day together I knew he was meant to be mine. We had a long distance relationship for about a year and when he moved back, we continued dating for four years.

Matt proposed to me in Laguna Beach over my favorite thing ever, room service breakfast!. He totally surprised me!! It was such a beautiful day. Of course, planning began right away and we were married in January 2011.

I think that about sums up the Wards and how we got started. Can't wait to see where our live takes us and thanks for following along

Allison and Matt Ward

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