Monday, February 6, 2012

Liam's Story

Dear Liam,
                Your daddy and I cannot believe you are finally here. We feel like it has been such a long process from when we found out that I was pregnant till the arrival date. We just couldn’t wait to meet you! We also did not know if you were going to be a boy or a girl… we wanted a surprise and it was killing as we waited for you to enter the world. Well, here you are…. Only one day late and absolutely the most perfect baby! Here’s a little bit about your birth and the nine months we had together before you were born.

                The night before St. Patricks day in 2011, I was walking with your Auntie Sarah before we had dinner with your Daddy and the rest of the Irelands. I was feeling under the weather and just not like myself. I told Sarah what I was feeling and she swore I was pregnant. I didn’t think I was because I had taken a pregnancy test earlier in the week and it was negative. While waiting for your dad to get off work and meet us for dinner, Uncle Aaron went to CVS pharmacy and picked up a pregnancy test for me. Well, wouldn’t you know it… I was pregnant!! I took three tests while waiting for your Dad. Sarah made cookies and we worked out a plan on how to tell him. I couldn’t stop smiling!!

                When your Dad finally arrived at the Irelands, I was beside myself. I couldn’t even look at him because I was so excited and he would know something was up. After he finished his meal, which felt like years, Sarah gave him the cookies. While he was eating the cookies, I told him that I had a gift for him and handed him the pregnancy test. He was so happy!! Daddy didn’t really know what to do other than ask a thousand times, “is this positive?”, “are we having a baby”… it was so cute! After we left dinner, we went and bought more pregnancy tests just to make sure. All together I took 7 tests just to make sure… hehe.

                We wanted to wait a few weeks to tell everyone that we were going to have a baby. Well, that didn’t happen. We told everyone later that week, we just couldn’t keep it in. Everyone was so excited and couldn’t wait to meet the first grandbaby.

                Now nine months later, you arrived after a smooth pregnancy. There were no issues while I was carrying you and no strange cravings. But it was a good excuse for awhile to eat whenever I wanted without feeling guilty. You had the hiccups all the time while in my belly. It would make me laugh feeling you hiccup constantly. The first time I felt you move, it was 4th of July. Daddy was working overtime and I was watching tv waiting for him to get home. All of a sudden I left this little butterfly feeling with a small kick. You did it three times and I screamed out aloud that you were kicking. Obliviously I was the only one to hear it, but it made me so happy I cried. I couldn’t wait to tell your daddy!!

                Months flew by and then came the time for you to arrive. The night before you were born, on your due date the 27th of November; we had dinner at the Irelands with the Jacobs. All of us together hanging out and eating good food was just want I needed to get things moving along. After we left, Daddy and I went for a walk and discussed more names. If you were a girl, we loved the name Quinn. Other options of boys names were Anderson, Graham or Clayton. But once you arrived, Liam was decided.

                We went to bed about 11 pm hoping you would arrive soon.  I had been having contractions all weekend. But they were so far apart, I didn’t think anything about it. At 2:45 am I woke up with really strong contractions. I started timing them but they were all over the place and never consistent. Sometimes they were 2 minutes apart or sometimes up to 7 minutes. Finally after an hour of being awake, I got Daddy up. We waited awhile to see if they would level out, but no luck. We got ready to leave for the hospital at 4am and called Auntie Sarah. She was going to be in the delivery room with us to help coach Mommy along with Auntie Shanna and Aunt Amanda. Sarah met us at the hospital and we were admitted at 4:30. Daddy called Grandma and Grandpa along with Nana and Pop to tell them we arrived at the hospital and were waiting for results on how things were progressing.

                After being admitted, my contractions were back to back with no breaks and I was 4 centimeters dilated. When I went into the labor and delivery room to receive my epidural, I was 5. Then 30 minutes later I was fully dilated and ready to push you out. The nurse had to call the doctor two different times because you were coming really fast!! Dr. Muth had checked on me in the morning and said, see you after lunch…. But you wouldn’t wait. You were so ready to meet mommy and daddy. Daddy wasn’t feeling too well and was very nervous about being in the hospital. So we needed Sarah, Shanna, and Amanda in the room to help Mommy. They were the best coaches. Shanna and Sarah each had a leg and would count down for me and tell me when to breath and push. They were lifesavers!!! I focused on what they told me to do and got you out fast! Amanda was in charge of videotaping and making sure your daddy was okay.

It was time!!! After Muth rushed over from his office, you were delivered at 10: 25 am and weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces and measured 20” long. When Muth delivered you, he flipped you upside down and said “The baby has an extra appendage.” I opened my eyes and saw that you were a BOY!! Everyone screamed with glee and you were placed on my chest to comfort you. I was in shock! I just delivered the most beautiful baby boy. You were absolutely perfect. All ten fingers and ten toes with dark brown hair and the cutest little nose; the perfect little angel. Auntie Sarah cut the umbilical cord for your dad, he just quite couldn’t move yet. The nurses asked for the name and I asked Daddy if we were going with Liam. He looked at you and said, he looks just like a Liam. Liam Timothy Ward arrived to labor and delivery room 7!

Now that Daddy and Mommy were doing great, Daddy went out to the waiting room to tell everyone that we had a boy. I heard the screams of joy from my room down the hall when he announced you arrived. Nana, Pop, Uncle Robbie, Grandma, and Grandpa along with Great Aunt Kathy were there and were all so excited to hear the wonderful news. And when we told them the name, Pop got tears in his eyes because we used his name as your middle name as a surprise. Tears of joy from everyone and they all came down to visit you after I was transferred to a regular room. Everyone thought you were perfect!! 

After numerous visitors and congratulations, we left the hospital 2 days after you were born. Daddy was able to stay with me the entire time at the hospital. It was so nice to be able to have this special time together. We were all getting used to the routines and what we needed to do for you. It was a nice little treat having these days together.

Welcome to our family Liam and we can’t wait to see what a truly amazing person you become. You are loved by so many people, always cherish it and respect it.

We love you so much Liam,

                       Mommy and Daddy

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